Margaret's Garden Journal for September 2010

back garden in September

See how well the heleniums have lasted from last month

Here at the end of the month, a sunny daybreak, chilly but still frost free creates sparkles from last night's raindrops. Spiders' webs create glittering barriers, so intrinsically woven, one turns back to seek another route rather than vandalise works of art.
September is one of my favourite months. There is more flower power in my garden than in the earlier part of summer, the grass has recovered from too much heat and the trees are still in full leaf. Blackberries , apples, damsons and raspberries are plentiful and runner are at their best. In between the showers the sun is warm
I have bought two 6x4 garden sheds which I am hoping to erect as bart of the barrier between the front and side gardens. What with the levelling of the ground and the clearing of the hege I suspect this is a job that will last several weeks. The delphiniums and oriental poppies I raised from saved seed in an attempt to get colour in next June and July, are still alive. I must now decide the best place to overwinter them
To do this month
1. Deadhead
2. Water
3. feed tomatoes
4. prick out perennial seedlings
5.Cut back summer rasperries and loganberries
6. plant daffs and crocuses
Later Comments
1. Made a start on the 26th
3. .
4. Still have a few to plant out.
5. Still to do.
6. Not really ready yet