Margaret's Garden Journal for July 2010

In the back garden

My favourite perfume is that wafted from the large linden trees lining our road. This year it has lasted a fortnight and has mingled with of the lilies. The regal lilies however were a disappointment this year. The searing heat at the beginning of the month, followed by rain, shortened their flowering period. The later Asiatic lilies , however, have bloomed splendidly but have attracted clouds of hoverflies. as have the hebes. I hadn't realised until this year that hoverflies were good pollinators. I hope they find my runner beans which are looking healthier than last years.
The crocosmia are looking good again but I am going to have to divide them this back end.
The dahlias are beginning to come out. I lost many from the front garden in the intense cold of last winter and have replaced them with saved seedlings from plants bred from The Bishop of Landaff The original Bishop however has died out completely and I must buy some more this year unless a shortage makes the price shoot up.
Despite sharp bursts of rain the ground remains dry beneath a damp surface but I have managed to get some annuals in to replace the forget-me-nots of Spring. The tomatoes started ripening about the middle of the month. Gardeners Delight and Shirley are ripening well before Brandywine. Brandywine has acted somewhat peculiarly. Its upper clusters set before the lower ones. The cucumber plants have been prolific.
I had many but rather disappointing lettuces. I think Webbs Wonder prefers more sun than I gave it. However I have some small cos to follow on.
The broad beans are another plant that were unhappy in the shade.
The deep purple surfinias at the back of the house are doing well. I wish , however that the people who name surfinias had the same colour sense as myself. I tend to buy my seedlings before they flower. Blue topaz turned out to be magenta and double lilac was mid-pink. The purple ones, also sold as blue, are doing especially well. Logan berries have lasted three weeks and have been prolific. The summer raspberries had a short flush but were augmented by a few early Joanne J.

surfinias on a garen wall near the house


To do this month
1. Deadhead roses
2. Feed cucumbers
3. Sow beetroot carrots
4. Water water water
5. Cut aubretia back
6. Collect delphinium seeds
7. Cut back shrubs
Later Comments
1. Mostly done
2. Done
3. Done
4. The wind dried the ground
so I had to water despite all the rain
5. Not done
6. Picked and sown but the seed didn't look strong.
7. Done but some still waiting to be shredded