Margaret's Garden Journal for May 2010

frontgarden May22010
The front garden May 13th.

Once again May proves a star month.
I am pleased with the kerrias my neighbour gave me. After a slow start they are now looking really good. You can just see one of them at the back of the picture above.
Pears look as they have set well.
The pigeons have ravaged not only the blossom of the edible cherries but also young foliage. They perch in the ornamental cherry but don't eat it.
The apple blossom, both crab and edible, has been profuse. I hope it all sets well. Last year was patchy

The Crab Apple 13th May

To do this month
1. Net brassicas
2. Buy cucumber and pepper plants
3. Sow peas outside
4. Sow more broad beans
5.Sow lettuce outdoors
6.Sow carrots outdoors
7. Feed and spray roses
Later Comments
1. Done more efficiently I hope than last year
3.Planted out a variety I haven't tried before
4. Sowed Bunyard's exhibition - plants have come through
5. Planted out Webbs wonderful
6. Sown and come through.
7. Fed but not sprayed