Margaret's Garden Journal for March 2010

snow in march
I was pleased with the success of growing potatoes in bags last year and decided to grow more this year. I found three bags and have quarter filled them with leaf mould. However I gained another three bags when a seed firm delivered some one else's order to my house. When I contacted the firm they kindly allowed me to keep the bags. So now I will grow all six varieties in separate bags, but not yet. Winter continues.

The snowdrops lasted until the middle of the month, four weeks later than usual. The daffodil February Gold struggled into bloom towards the end of the month. A few broadbeans struggled through looking decidedly unhappy. Surprisingly the aubergine seedlings and dahlia seedlings have survived although growing slowly. I have planted mangetout peas and Spencer sweet peas.

The big success story are the delphiniums I sowed last year and left outside in small pots. I took them into the unheated green house and they have shown signs of life so I have potted them on.

The lawn is still showing damage from the builders using it for sawing and mixing cement when they mmade a wet room from my coal shed and outside loo.

To do this month
1. Feed roses
2. Feed veg
3. Plant potatoes
4. Hoe
5.Support plants where necesary
6.Divide snowdrops
7. Sow most seeds

Later Comments
1. Fed with Wilkinson's rose food
2. Not yet done
3. The potatoes are still chitting
4.Have done some hoeing but still not enough!
5. No.
6. The snowdops have only just started flowering
7. Sowed lettuces, butterhead, an iceberg type and a mini cos, brussels, calabrese, aubergine and Gardener's Delight tomatoes. The tomatoes so far have failed to germinate.