September 2001

Doris Day

Of course we had to have the usual frost warning in the first week but no frosts this month!( I remember one year though when I lost my dahlias on September 1st). The beginning of the month as you have guessed was cold, the second half was warmer but with low cloud so rather gloomy. The roses have tended to ball in the damp.

Despite the weather instead of muted autumnal colours scarlet has predominated.

perennial salvia  Runner Beans  fuschia Thalia

Although last winter I lost the perennial red salvia I had managed to keep for four years the cutting my son Mark took for me last winter replaced it well

I had a long period this month when I was physically unable to do much gardening, however thanks to the black mulch, the lawn mower man and the dahlias the garden has still been a pleasure to sit in and the productive vegetable patch has saved me a lot of shopping