Everdeen Tree

     Everdeen Tree


Everdeen wrote this from Houston USA in April 2000:

"I've noticed in the past that the way I work in the garden and the tasks I choose for any given day are often indicative of how I feel about life, particularly the artificial aspects which define and confine my daily existence.


When I worked as librarian and information systems manager for a downtown law firm, I spent my days dealing with one abstract system (lib/info) imposed on and in support of another abstract system (codified law, primarily commercial litigation) organised and accessed by computers. My office was on the 32nd floor of the building--a space which does not exist in nature for humans.


Some nights I would come home and rush out to weed, even for five minutes (the best span of time for weeding!), just to feel life and nature and dirt.


Yesterday, it was less than five minutes before I had my gloves off.
The bed of dianthus was in dreadful need of dead-heading. (Is that the term used?) But I started with the project I began on Saturday. I think I needed to get in there and deal with something in a final fashion.


I had spent much of Saturday outside, digging out some of the invasive vines and putting down black Mexican beach stone (well, it's really bluish). The vines have tuber-like roots which go down quite deep, so the day's labour resulted in a space not much larger than my computer desk. (I hope two feet down is far enough to keep those vines from growing back!)


I now have four bags of stone down and plan to dig and spread an area equal to at least another six bags to finish the space beneath the satsuma and over to the Indian hawthorne. But that will mean another trip to the Home Depot, so I am spared the prospect for a few days at least.


Oh, and the snapdragons, all but two plants, have survived the squirrels. The vincas, of course, are thriving."

Since Everdeen wrote that in 2000 CE she has suffered storm and flood. Yesterday she wrote:

(There are still various vines, the Indian hawthorne and the satsuma, but I fear the flood finally did in the vincas -- as well as the snapdragons.)