Feb 16th 2004
Spring must be on the way, as this morning I found three frogs frolicking in our garden pond. From their respective sizes, I would say that there were two female and one was a male frog.        On gardening in general, I had a pleasant surprise when I noticed that four cuttings of Weigela which I had taken last autumn and tucked away in a corner of the garden and forgotten had rooted and were sprouting leaves. That'll save a few quid for new plants.

Also put out a rooted cutting of Sarcococca humilis which I took last year and which had grown on to about eight inches in height. Not much to look at but it has the most amazing fragrance from insignificant small, white flowers.

Nice part of the year this but it could be a little warmer. 10C. (50F.)here.

Feb 13th 2005

In our garden there is a plum tree and it is in flower at the moment. This morning there were high winds and the white petals from the plum blossom were being blown around like snow flakes. At the same time we had a brief rain shower and mixed in with the rain were flakes of snow. Not enough to settle but it was strange to see the plum blossom and snow flakes falling at the same time.

A lesser spotted Woodpecker has just found the bird table in our garden and is now making regular visits to feast upon the nuts etc., that are on it. Quite a thrill to watch.