Graham's Present Garden


bungalowWe moved to a smaller home, a bungalow with a smaller garden and I decided that I was going to plant various bulbs and flowers to make the place as pleasant as possible.

There are now Spring bulbs, thousands it would seem, of snowdrops, crocus and daffodils and corms of anemone.

There are lots of smaller plants such as aubrietias and arabis. patio

There are quince plants, not that we ever use the fruit, three magnolia stellata trees, roses, some dwarf Acers, hostas, a Ceris tree (Judas Tree), a Cotinus (Smoke tree), cotoneasters, an Arbutus (the Strawberry Tree) and a Sarcococca, an evergreen bush which has shiny dark green leaves and an insignificant little white flower but has the most magnificent perfume I have ever come across and of which I have successfully taken several cuttings.

clematis scrambling through treesThere are at least eight clematis plants growing up through the trees which surround our dwelling together with honeysuckle and other climbers.

There are dozens of other plants including water plants which grow around the verge of the pool in our garden which itself contains numerous water lilies.

In Summer a part of our garden is set aside to hardy geraniums, the colours ranging from blue through mauve and into pink

In Autumn, Nerines, Anemone Japonica and autumn flowering crocus give a display of pink blossom

Graham and the Horticultural Society
Extracts from Graham's Garden Journal 2004