Graham and the Horticultural Society

Thinking that I might learn a bit about the finer art of gardening I wrote in, offering my services and as nobody else wanted the job, I was given it. It was a voluntary job, although, of course, postage expenses incurred in the business of running the Society would be paid.

I did learn quite a bit about gardening with the Gardening Society. We met twice a month, the membership being somewhere around fifty.

During one monthly meeting we would receive a talk on the cultivation of various types of plants while the second meeting was devoted to planning for our annual show, arranging visits to gardening centres and arranging for various experts in a particular field to give us talks on their specialty. This entailed quite a lot of correspondence but I didn't mind it too much.

The Gardening Society was a member of various Societies such as the Royal Horticultural Society, the Royal National Rose Society, the National Dahlia Society, the Royal Chrysanthemum Society and so on and journals from these various organisations were sent to myself and were eagerly scanned before being passed around the other members. This was the only "perk" which the Hon. Sec. received.

I was secretary of the society for eleven years until we moved.

One of our members was very interested in growing and exhibiting early flowering chrysanthemums and grew about 4,000 of the plants. He entered most contests in the area and took most of the prizes. He offered to start me off with half a dozen stools of the chrysanthemums.

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