Edgar Braybrooks

We moved from our farm to a town house in Allbury this November (2004). Albury in New South Wales and Wodonga in Victoria are known as the twin cities as they really merge into one. They are in juxtaposition on the border of the two states on the Hume highway which runs from Melbourne to Sydney. Both are growing towns and much new building has taken place and indeed still is.
I miss the orchard I planted at the farm. We had peaches, six apple trees,plums,nectarines,orange,cumquat,tangelo, feijoa (aka pineapple guava, mandarin, youngberries and blackcurrants, the mundane rhubarb and persimmon - a choice fruit indeed. Then there was a variety of organically grown vegetables.
Our new establishment has one good orange tree and two not so good lemon trees. Yes, I will miss the fruit, even if the parrots got most of the peaches and plums and other birds nibbled at the apples and berries but there is a load of oranges on the new house tree. Can't move from the country to the city and expect to have an orchid in the back yard.