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Mazzy's laurel picture
Click on the picture Pauline Masurel sent of her laurel or here to read what she has to say about it. Afterwards Mazzy and I had an online conversation trying to decide if we both meant the same thing by the word laurel.
Lavatera 'Barnsdale' a shortlived but easy to propagate shrub flowering in the East Midlands UK from late summer to frosts 
This plain English lavender lives longer in my garden than the showier French lavender
This "cut and come again" lettuce lasts until the frosts unlike hearted lettuce which bolts if left too long
The half-hardy bedding and trailing lobeliaslobelia erinus are useful on the rockery as well as in hanging baskets
Like hostas I have to grow my tall red lobelia lobelia cardinalis in the pond to protect it from snails
So, this plant I have been calling Archangel for 30 years is really only Loosestrife. It flowers in June and joins with the water buttercups and flags to turn the garden yellow
I grew my pink lupins from seed sent by the Which Consumers Association. The seed packet showed a pink and yellow bi-colour which I didn't like but didn't like throwing away when they were free. The flowers however, turned out a beautiful salmon pink. Unfortunately they are short lived plants and are dying off now in their fourth year.For Randy Adams beautiful poem called 'lupins' go to Memorial Gardens
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