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Winter Heather
Winter heather erica carnea A most useful late winter plant although the purply shades do not show up on a dull day. Many have foliage that looks good throughout the summer as well.  
Stinking Hellebore
The stinking hellebore, a native plant in the UK, livens up late winter at the back of my garden. It is a short lived plant, very prone to disease, but it seeds itself. However I have not found the seedlings easy to transplant
My white Honesty looks good in spring. It is a bit coarse in summer and before the the seed heads turn to the silver discs so useful in dried flower arrangements it can look rather untidy. It is a biennial which seeds itself in the UK
The only way I have found to grow hostas without resorting to slug pellets is to drop their pots into the shallower section of my pond. Unfortunately I have only a small pond and several other plants demand this treatment
Hyacinths with cyclamen
White hyacinths join species cyclamen in surviving bitter January frosts on my porch
Mazzy has written a web piece entitled Blue Hyacinth You can read what Mazzy says about her work at the firewords home page