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This branch of the topic is the result of an online conversation I had with Peter Griffin of Mumbai (the proper name for the islands the Europeans renamed Bombay). after I had mentioned how surprised I had been, when visiting public gardens in Delhi in February, to find bedding annuals similar to those we have in the UK in summer, in full flower.

Peter sent me a piece about Public Spaces in India and while reading it, I reflected on how much public parks had meant to me, especially in those periods when I had no access to a garden of my own. I remembered Mitchell Park in Durban, where, as a child in 1943, I walked from one place of emotional torment (school) to another(an orphanage) receiving en route a benison of tranquillity, falling from patches of shining blue glimpsed through a tracery of foliage.

Mitchell Park still exists and I note from the web that entrance is still free , but the authorities must have expanded the zoo area considerably if they are charging entrance fees for that area.
I moved on to thinking of the difference parks make to huge cities. I cannot imagine New York without Central Park or London without the three interlocking parks of Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Green Park.
Joel Weisman from Oregon USA has a thoughtful site about Oregon's 5000 acre Urban Forest Park. He is now (Feb 2005) up to page 6, perhaps the the best yet although the whole site is beautiful and thought provoking.
Leicester, in the UK is ringed with many well maintained parks, unfortunately none visible from the city centre. There is however a plan to incorporate the oldest park into the central city area.
Montreal had an imposing Park, if I remember rightly.
Haifa has a wonderful zoo park with the most gorgeous views over the Mediterranean.
In many countries hotel gardens are often sufficiently open to the general public to warrant inclusion in this topic.
In this section I hope people will contribute pieces about spaces open to the public(even if they have to pay a fee to enter) that have contributed something to their lives.