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Daffodils at the back of the garden 

Tall, large flowered daffodils look more at home growing amongst shrubs than in a bed by themselves. I am turning over the centre beds to earlier flowering shorter daffodils such as January Gold (which really does flower in January. I am hoping these dwarfer daffs will be less likely to eclipse the tulips with their dying foliage.
A page of daffodils
John Falconer from Western Australia sent this picture of Draecena Marginata or Madagascar dragon tree growing in his garden. John writes:
"You probably see this in many films in pots in a living room. I had one growing outside in City Beach where we lived for nineteen years and it was as high as the house. We just cut off pieces and planted them in pots to bring them on and then planted them out in the garden. All those here came from that one plant which we brought here 9 years ago. I have cut and given away dozens. They are better out in the ground and need lots of sun.