Siobhan Logan


heuchera and flame tulip

the orange flame tulip is pursed
against purple heuchera,
‘plum puddin`’ lit red beneath,
bluegreen rubber rosettes
of a resurging sedum
and acidic lime green bracts
of euphorbia, those strange
sea creature suckers


heuchera under euphorbia

the camelia is heavy
with gorgeous blossom
and glossy leaf mass, blooms
a generous cerise, some dusted
with yellow stains like fading
dowagers poised for a fall
spiky plants do well in tubs   tubs bristle with green spears
and muscari blue spikes,
velvety violas with a bronze
underpetal and there
above the tiny alpines
a shocking pink primula
and silky pulsatilla


muscari and pansies 

I put fossils in there
printed ammonites and
sea pebbles to remember
you this time each year
drumstick primula 


ammonites and pebbles