Discarded artifacts  
Beach Objects


the abandoned wheel
Doll in bathtub
plaster Marion statue
two paper mache dolls
These images are of sections within the small garden in front of our house. My partner JoAnn looks after the flowers and plants [ which you can't see much of in these images ;-], and I add the found objects. The objects were mostly collected from the beach, but the steering wheel is from an abandoned farmyard on the Canadian prairies, the plaster Marion statue was a gift from a friend who found it in a junk store [I draped it in seaweed], the two paper mache dolls were also found in a junk shop. This is 'my memorial garden'. A garden of discarded artefacts in a state of continuous decay.


A memorial poem
by Randy
Siobhan's memorial
to her mother
Martha's memorial
to her mother-in-law
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