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cacti and fern

Identification, anyone

Identification, please anyone
images of life seeping around the edges of a dry new york apartment, coming to fruition in this 19th-century building of leaks, cracks, other dispersions, the wind against the windows, the boarded-over skylights - sleep comes easy as nematodes and others roam the soils here, we have scale insects too. make no mistake about the rarity of some of these plants, cacti collected from the sea islands for example, hardly desert, used to decay springing back from the earth. the air washes over us; we'd seal ourselves in the dark of the day, dark of the night, against the world outside - we'd keep the garden, growing with it, growing into it, grappling in the depths of the roots, stone, loam, darkness surrounding -
Alan Sondheim  
Nettext by Alan Sondheim
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