Harry and Lorna's Balcony

    Harry and Lorna's Balcony

We live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, a very large city, (Population of over 400,000 and still growing, located on the North shore of Lake Ontario, and about 14 miles due west of Toronto.

Our balcony is on the 12th floor of an 18 floor high rise. We have an end unit, with the balcony facing South, surrounded by 5 feet high iron railings, with gaps between them, so it gets lots and lots of light.

As for climate? Ranges from below zero in the winter, to 90 plus in the summer, with lots of humidity. So much, that we have two air conditioning units in our condo. Actually, they are combined air/heating units, over which we have complete control year round.

Usually, at the end of April, we make our way to a local nursery, there purchasing potting soil and other things, plus boxes of Petunias, Nicotinia, and other plants that can withstand the winds that blow in off the lake.

Our balcony will again, shortly, have a display of various plants in boxes and pots. In fact, in anticipation of that much enjoyed event, Dear Lorna already has some Morning Glory seeds in an indoor"Greenhouse". They are sprouting too!!

Before anyone has visions of some large glass enclosed structure, I should report that it measures about 2 feet long by three inches wide, by four inches high. About 24 little square biodegradable containers into which she put some potting soil and a couple of seeds. The plastic cover allows for light to penetrate, and for the humidity therein to benefit the seedlings. They will, anon, be transplanted to a very large earthenware pot out on the balcony, where a splendid display of them will be forthcoming.

12thMay 2003

Overcast and rainy, in Mississauga today, and we sure wish the warmer weather would remain. As it is, no sign yet of doing so, and the local nurseries still not got their main supply of plants for sale. Will have to phone to find out when!! 15thMay 2003
Lovely sunny day here, but wish it would get warmer so we can go buy our balcony plants and put them out. The morning glory seeds germinated indoors, and already out there in large pots, and growing!!

On this 16th day of May 2003, been pouring with rain, driven by a very high wind, that is not doing our young morning glory plants any good at all!! Another week or more will have to elapse before Dear Lorna and I visit our favourite nursery, bring home boxes of assorted plants, and set them out on the balcony. So, June will be well under way ere those glimpses of our urban garden appear.

Our Morning Glory August 2003 Morning Glory
August 2004

There certainly is some confusion about the soil Morning Glory does best in. Ours are on our balcony; the one's currently giving us about 20 blooms a day, (Beautiful transparent blue), are in a big clay pot. We filled it with special potting soil, that, it is claimed will not need fertilizing for about 9 months.

Only recently have begun to add Schultz all bloom fertilizer, which is in powder form, with the watering. Right now, they get watered almost daily, but we check the water content in the soil first with a meter.

Strange thing though. At the same time as we planted those Morning Glory seeds, (Late April), we also planted som multi coloured ones, in another, slightly smaller pot, right next to the other one. Huge big leaves, and leaders,(Vines), galore. But not a single bloom!!!! Given the same treatment as the other ones too.

Received a picture of a friend's runner beans in England today. It took me back to when we lived near Rochester, Kent, and I grew all kinds of veggies. Used to dig a deep trench, into which I put grass clippings, old veggie stalks etc. They were beautiful and big beans.

I admit to missing my garden still; but now 77, do not think it wise to give up condo living in favour of a house, just to have a garden! PS. The attached picture was taken last year when we did not have anywhere as many as this year. But it was taken when they first started to bloom. Using the same pot though!!